Porsche 914-6 Club USA

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Whether you're a 914-6 buyer or a 914-6 seller, provenance can play a big part in a transaction.  As defined, PROVENANCE means the place of origin or earliest known history of something.  It's a record of ownership of a work of art or an antique, used as a guide to authenticity or quality.  In the case of a Porsche 914-6, it could include any number of documents dating back to the day the car started it's journey down the assembly line.  

Porsche offers a Certificate of Authenticity listing facts about the original configuration of their cars including color, serial numbers, and installed options.  The 914-6 Club offers a Certificate of Information listing date of initial sale, location of first "Home of Record", and where it fits into the sequence of all 1970 and 1971 914-6s sold in the USA.  In addition, many 914-6s still have their original Porsche Maintenance record books.  As a buyer, you may be lucky enough to find a seller who has a file folder filled with 50 years of maintenance and repair receipts.  All of these add to the provenance and value of the car.

Twenty or thirty years ago, buying a 914-6, or any 914, was a process that didn't require much thought.  They were inexpensive and, in many cases, disposable.  Spend a few thousand dollars and take your chances.   Today, a good 914-6 sells for about the same amount of money that would have bought two fairly nice four bedroom homes in 1970.  The market has changed and buyers and sellers need to exercise due diligence.  Sellers should be prepared to provide as much documentation as they can and buyers should seek out the well documented cars.  A lot can happen to a car in 50 years and a clear paper trail helps fill in the details.

So, where does one find that perfect 914-6?  The typical places to search include on-line auction sites like Bring A Trailer, Ebay, or Craigslist.  Enthusiast clubs like the Porsche 914-6 Club USA or Porsche Club of America are good sources for better than average cars for sale.  Periodicals like Hemmings Motor News often have listings for 914-6s.  Whichever source you use, an in person inspection is now more important than ever as the 914-6 has become a significant investment.  As a member of the Porsche 914-6 Club USA, you'll have the advantage of tapping decades of member expertise if questions arise.  Enjoy the search!